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Nice job! I liked the animation, and your parody of 'Still Alive' is very well-written and catchy! ^_^

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This game is so enjoyably addicting and hilarious. XD

The layout is great, meaning that whenever I get a beer effect, there's still a way to work around to the beer without touching the portraits. I also love the graphics, very neat. Overall, I highly recommend it! :D

What makes the game more hilarious is that the consequences become more severe, yet you, the player, are ironally supposed to get the beer without falling through the bottom bridges or touching the portraits. Excellent irony. XD

(P.S. My highscore so far is 25. Moira killed herself, Lara is addicted to heroin, and Walcott contracted HIV. XD)

esayitch responds:

Thanks a bunch for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D The "story" ends at the 27th beer and above (no more different endings and so), so you are very close xD

Holy shit, that ending. XD Love it.

A huge improvement with the sequel after the first game.

First off, I love the addition of a free play mode. It's nice to skip ahead to the hentai scenes whenever I feel like to.
Nothing against the story mode. In fact I found the story mode to be really fun as well. I like the addtions of Pinkie Pie, Twilight, and Applejack as part of the supporting cast including Fluttershy from the first game. It doesn't bother me very much that Rarity isn't included. The humor is really good too.

Another big improvement is the visual look for the controls for the hentai scenes. It looks very neat and big enough to read. I also like that there's more interactions and options, including some that weren't in the first game.

The animation is very smooth too. It really looks like Dashie and Lance are interacting. XD Another good thing is how the orange background compliments Dashie's colorful appearance.

It's overall a very, well made flash game. A lot of hard work and effort was put into it, and is one of the best I've ever seen on Newgrounds. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves well-made hentai games! ^_^

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I'm a big Blue Oyster Cult fan. I saw them twice and in mid-May I saw Buck Dharma (lead guitarist and other vocalist for the band for those who don't know) behind of the venue the band would be performing at, and I had a chance to meet him, who was a really nice guy. :D

Hearing your cover made me really impressed! ^_^ I really like how you kept it similar to the original. Something I would listen to again.

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